Written and drawn by Brendan and co-coloured with Steve Cook.

“One of comics’ most innovative and original voices, Brendan McCarthy brings us SPIDER-MAN FEVER — a truly unique and surreal story evok-ing the classic Silver-Age psychedelia of Steve Ditko’s Dr. Strange.

In FEVER, Spider-Man is abducted by a depraved tribe of spider-demons to a bizarre dimension where he is to be eaten alive.

Doctor Strange goes on a perilous occult quest to rescue his friend and tangles with some very peculiar characters along the way.”

“Brendan McCarthy is a renowned designer and UK comic book legend of excellent psychedelic sensibilities. So it only stands to reason that he’d write and draw a miniseries starring two of Marvel’s most lysergic characters. This book is simply beyond words. The colourful surreal imagery is entrancing, the story is engaging and deeply symbolic, the writing is nearly flawless. Both characters shine at their very best, true to roots and, in spite of the many tips of the hat to the Sixties, both feel still very contemporary. There are many hints of underground comics, as well as occult references, that might all have found place in a Ditko or even a Alan Moore comic. If you love perfectly crafted, deep, loving storytelling, do yourself a favour and get this for your reading pleasure and book collection!”

Published by Marvel Comics