Written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Brendan.

“McCarthy’s art seems to reach a pinnacle on Rogan Gosh, juggling a thousand different art styles and hitting storytelling beats in new ways: Mind-bending psychedelia colliding against jagged punk graphics. Indeed, if Milligan’s imagination is impressive, McCarthy’s art is even more spectacular. The craziness of McCarthy’s composition, his bold and vivid colors, the fluidity of his lines, everything converges into an extraordinary artistic accomplishment.”

“Milligan and McCarthy are one of my favourite comics teams – every single one of their collaborations is worth searching out. Weird, pulsing, alive comic books, littered with literary love and goodly fucking garish.
Rogan Gosh was one of their later collaborations. It’s the perfect comic to illustrate a journey through space, and many types of space at that. The plot is a bit difficult to summarize, since the book has no interest in providing a single avenue of narrative. Rather, it presents a variety of stories that occur at the same time, our perspective shifting from one to another, sometimes page-by-page.
I think it’s a wonderful comic, boundless in intuition and imagination, and one that convinces you that ‘comics’ as a medium is capable of anything.”

Published by DC Vertigo Comics and collected in The Best of Milligan & McCarthy.