CINEWORLD: Brendan McCarthy on co-writing/designing Mad Max Fury Road

Brendan McCarthy discusses how he landed the gig of scripting explosive action film Mad Max: Fury Road with director George Miller. He also describes his time on the set in Africa’s Namibia desert, a suitably sun-scorched stand-in for the post-apocalyptic Australian outback.

You co-wrote the screenplay for Mad Max: Fury Road. How did that come about?

I […]


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BBC: Mad Max writer Brendan McCarthy’s Fury Road from fan to writer

By BBC Reporter Steven McKenzie
British comic book artist and writer Brendan McCarthy started out as a Mad Max fan but almost 30 years later he has co-written Fury Road, the new instalment of one of cinema’s best-known franchises.

Set in an energy-scarce, dustbowl apocalyptic future where filling up with fuel can cost a life rather than […]

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Washington Post Comics review: ‘The Best of Milligan & McCarthy’

By Douglas Wolk of the Washington Post
Between 1978 and 1990, two Brits — writer Peter Milligan and artist Brendan McCarthy — collaborated on a string of bizarre and wonderful comics, most of which are collected in this oversize volume, “The Best of Milligan & McCarthy.”

“We felt we were fine artists doing comics,” they note, “seeing […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: The cover for Brendan McCarthy and George Miller's never-released "Mad Max: Fury Road" OGN.

CBR News Interview

By Karl Keily of Comic Book Resources
CBR News: Brendan, how exactly did you come to be involved with “Mad Max: Fury Road” and what’s the journey been like to get it to the screen?

Brendan McCarthy: I used to write to George Miller when I was much younger, as I was totally enthralled by “Mad Max 2: […]


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