The original Mad Max trilogy was to me, the greatest of the 80s franchise movies. I loved George Miller’s highly original and surreal ‘post-apocalyptic westerns’ as they have been called — especially the second instalment, Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior.

Co-writing and designing the initial storyline and visuals for Mad Max Fury Road was a great thrill. The movie turned out really well and was released to much acclaim. I’m very happy to have been invited to rethink and reignite this terrific film series.

Featured here are some of my early concept images. You’ll see a lot of my design philosophy and original creations for the movie – from The Buzzards (the buzz-saw wielding spiked vehicles), the canyon biker Rockriders, the Polecats (boarding marauders on poles – created with George Miller), the ‘retro hotrod’ look of the Armada and various character designs.

I’ve also included design ideas that didn’t make the finished movie but contained intriguing ideas.